Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Make your own look..."

That's the advice the advice that I hear most often. While trying to
set myself aside from all the other 3d artist our there, especially
those that specialize in cel shading, its mighty hard to find a way to
define style when everything always ends up looking like cg.

Cel shading, for those of you that don't know, when related to 3d art,
is the process of making a 3d model look like it was hand drawn
instead of looking like something more realistic or something out of
Toy Story. Many 3d applications have cel shade plugins, but without
either a lot of time, or intimate knowledge of of the plugins, the
results often are instantly recognizable as what they are, or just
plain mediocre. I don't want my work to fall into either of those

So, aside from rebuilding my primary assets (main character models and
objects that will get a lot of page space) I have to find an
economical way to keep quality high while defining my own style.

Through lots of trial and error with the lightwave texture node
editor, I think I have found a solution.

What's next is now finishing the rebuildng of my primary and secondary
assets, finish re-writing my outline and get started on my script.

Its a long, trying process, but it'll all be worth it in the end, if
not just satisfying for me.
Wish me luck.

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shinykaro said...

Finding your own voice and vision is something that most artists struggle with. I am happy to see you're on your way.