Monday, January 28, 2008

Mobile blogging

Mobile blogging

So I figured out how to blog from my iPod touch. Sweet, eh? Now I can
do some running commentary on life on the go ( or at least when I can
find a wifi hotspot.) If only this worked with video as well.

Speaking of video, since I couldnt sleep last night, I took a friend's
advice and made a short 6 minute video production diary.
Unfortunately, I'm still trying to work the kinks out in posting it,
so expect if later on this week! Now off to find sone lunch, and get
some more work done.

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shinykaro said...

Well, I've been mobile blogging for MONTHS now, and yes it is nice. Sometimes you can't count on getting computer access soon enough to share good news, bad news, or weird news. This is a great way to go. Hope you put it to good use.