Monday, August 29, 2005

Busy weekend

It's so hard to find the time...
But this weekend, I made it a point to do some good work, and so far, i've had some good results.
Took the time to work on the weighting on some of my meshes, and made some new ones such as a cave for one of the early issues of my comic, a sword for the prologue, and printed out some high res pictures of my main characters.

All in all, pretty productive.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Was my story too boring to elicit a comment?

there go my dreams!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hey, been a while~

Sorry for the period of inactivity. Work has been hard and had a few family problems, (not to mention injury) to deal with.

As promised:

In the beginning, the Goddess watched over Earth. Life was good. The people of earth were grateful to to the goddess for the clean water in the streams, the abundance of vegetation and wildlife to feed themselves, clean air, and most of all, no desire for war. For thousands of years, the people lived in peace, learning, adapting, building and bettering themselves. They never once forgot the Goddess. Building temples to worship her, writing songs to praise her....
The Goddess, Adella Rei, created the angels to govern over different aspects of her creation. Everything from the the changing of the seasons to the birds in the air were watched over by the angels.
However, Adella Rei's brother, Tepal, became jealous. There we no alters to worship him. In the depths of the earth, he concocted a plan. Over hundreds of years, he created an army to match the powers of the heavens.
Over one horrific year, the dieties fought. Humankind, at first were scared, as they had never seen anything of this sort before, but soon chose sides. They decided based on loyalty, and new emotions they had soon learned; greed, and lust for power.
The temples were destroyed. The rivers and oceans poisened. On the seventh day, Adella Rei was struck down.
Tepal had won the Diety War. He conquered the heavens. The surviving angels were forced to serve under him, as they were the second most powerful creations of Adella Rei, humans being the first. All agreed to serve Tepal except one, Kyriel, the angel of hope.
In an unexpected move, Kyriel leapt to attack Tepal, to the rest of the angels surprise. Kyriel was struck down by Tepal within seconds. As an example, Tepal threw Kyriel's body to earth.
Over 2 thousand years have passed since the end of the Diety War. The earth still lays in ruins except for 3 places.
The Holy City, A city-state that worships Tepal as the true god is the culmination of science, technology and philosophy stands overbearingly over its inhabitants. No record of the holy war is kept, for fear of uprisings. The church controls the govornment and the military, and has direct contact with Tepal. There are 12 heads of the church and a number of archbishops. Often, people go missing, as the church performs experiments to further their own agendas. Those who refuse to follow the church are exhiled.
Kyriels remains, being made by the goddess, revitalized the surrounding area. A small villiage of refugees from the Holy City found their way here. They cultivated the land, and try to live in peace.
Those that did not find the remains fled to the mountains, near old ruins of Adella Rei's Temples. There, they learned to enchant rock and stone. They are very suspicious of anyone to enter their territory.
Not only did Kyriel's remains revitalize the land, but they brought something with them. As generations lived in this sacred area, strange markings appeared on some of their bodies. The markings were indistinct, incomplete, and were generally ignored, until the birth of Karin and Turi.
Sister and brother, orphaned at a young age, and teased for tattoo like markings on their faces, Karin and Turi knew that they were different.
Soon, they shall realize how different they are, and destiny has in store for them.
Phew... Well, lunch break is over. Back to work. I hope this sparked some interest.