Thursday, November 15, 2007

Current Status: Exhausted and Anxious

Day 21 without a day off. Welcome to the holiday season in retail management, ladies and gentlemen.
After the opening of our new Plaza (see last post), and a fashions show for a (brand) new store to the United States Who.A.U, and the Thanksgiving parade this coming weekend, and Black friday next, I don't know how I pulled time together to do this.

I'm back in the saddle as far as Nevergreen goes. I was thinking a few days ago that I'm worried that I would forget the details of the story because I haven't had the chance to work on it at all. So last night, I wrote a detailed outline of the story from start to finish and descriptions of the characters and locations. I'm really proud that i've even got this far. Hopefully, this will get me to get my ass in gear and go forward with my story.

I sent out the draft to a few friends who know of the story, editors maybe, and i'm waiting to hear back from them on their thoughts about it.


shinykaro said...

I wanted to say something about penises here but I'm too tired to be funny.

I will look at it, I swear. I could use a refresher.

shinykaro said...

And hang in there.