Thursday, August 28, 2008

Slowly Getting Back on the Saddle

I've been very lax with my project. I think it's because of poor planning. Last monday, however, I started doing my best to storyboard my graphic novel, based on an updated script.
I've been doing a quick sketch on index cards what I'd like page to look like, and then writing on the back of the index card writing any notes about the page, models that have to be made, and thoughts on each one.

Just to give myself a quick burst of motivation, I tried making the first page (or at least, page -1). Here it is:

This weekend, i'll continue working on my story board, spruce up the page above a bit, and set some goals/milestones so I can keep myself going.



Johan said...

Looking good! I think it's a really cool idea using 3D to create a comic! Looking forward to see it progress!
Keep it up!
- Johan

Wes said...

Thanks, i'm doing some storyboarding now, so hopefully i'll come up with some good test pages!

Nina said...
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Nina said...

you should probably get naked, lay on your bathroom floor and think about things.
that's what i do.
it works.
[disclaimer: i only do this when i've dranken, yes dranken, 12+ beers].
just a thought.

Nina said...

oh and you should more frequently...i'm just saying! the google algorithim is very strict.
if you'd like to learn how the algoriiiiiithim works, just give me a shout out and i can move your blog up into the google rankings.
mmm k?