Monday, August 13, 2007

Watch That First Step

The famous lawyer Eugene Ware once said, “All glory comes from daring to begin”. Now, if Gene was alive today, I’d probably ask if I could buy him a beer and ask him what the hell I’m supposed to do next. I don’t know if it’s truly glory that I’m looking for, but I do agree that ‘daring to begin’ is the key to any success.

I’ve been stagnant, going through the motions, but not really moving for a while now. I have a path ahead of me, but taking that first step, and then the next and so on is the hard part. Now that I have the reason to move on, it’s the motivation I’m looking for. Well, that’s not entirely true, it’s the drive. The drive to get off my ass and begin. I know that it’s important, and it’s the rest of my life, and I owe it to others, and more importantly, myself to get going. That first step is always the tricky one. I have to make moves, big ones, for my personal and professional growth. I’m going to dare to begin. I just hope that the ‘glory’ is worth all the exhaustion and heartache that it’s going to take to get there.

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shinykaro said...

The first step is the hardest and the scariest and most intimidating. It doesn't necessarily get better with step two, but you just keep walking and eventually you get to a place you can look back and actually say "hey, that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be."

That's not to say the journey isn't challenging, but sometimes we don't know our own strength and endurance until we pause to consider how far we've made it. Even small steps can turn out to be big strides.

So gambatte and good journey. You have the power!