Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Getting Back To My Roots

Taking a break from cel shaded fantasty stuff, I thought I would delve back into the more realistic types of modeling. Inspired by god knows what, I thought I would try my hand at making a sort of futuristic, high quality, luxury hoverboard (i'm thinking honda or toyota, not sure yet).

Making something that's not bulky, but streamlined and sexy, as many luxury transportation vehicles are, I decided to go with spline modeling as opposed to poly or box modeling. This will allow me to 1) plan out the curves and contours before I start modeling, 2) keep everything sleek and sexy and 3) help me brush up on my high-poly spline modeling.

I'm going for a porcelain/fiberglass frame, with rubber bumpers/foot padding.
Things yet do to:
Finish modeling details
UV Map
Shade and Texture
Produce Particle Emitter effects
Rig with basic character


shinykaro said...

You know, you post a blog and I can't get more than two sentences in before The Girl from Ipanema starts playing in my head.

But they look good.

Now don't shoot me for this, but I think some of the detailing, at least to me, says "rugged" rather than "luxury." I'm thinking more Hummer than Honda. What do you think?

shinykaro said...

And who's this Phil guy? I thought your name was Dave.

Phil said...

What's in a name?

Good call about the Hummer thing. I guess I should have said that I originally planned to have it be a luxury model, like BMW or something. I guess it shows how much I planned this one out.

But now that I think of it. Hummer would definitely work. I purposefully haven't modeled the logo on the front because I hadn't decided what company to attach it to. Now at least I have a little more direction. I'll have to find some Hummer pictures to see if they do 'sleek and shiny'.