Monday, July 04, 2005

Evolutions: A long time coming

So I decided to look back at some of the work i've been making over the past few months, and the different versions of my favorite models. It's actually quite nice, 'cus I can see how i've gotten a little better than I was at modeling a few months ago. So, to compare, I made some pictures that I'll post here. They are of Karin and Turi, the two main characters of nevergreen.
Also, i've been sketching a new idea (well, not really a new idea, but a new sketch of an old idea) that I can show here, but not explain yet, lest the story be ruined. Will do that soon.


First version to second.

Second to third (radiosity was so I could really see the mesh)


First to current.


Greg Daye said...

waiting eagerly for the story to be revealed. Nice job Man. It alwasy feels good to go back see where you have improved.

DarkSkills said...

Nice looking models. Keep pushin' on:)

Kid Mesh said...

Looks good! Patiently awaiting to see all the characters for this thing :)